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If a woman understands the maintenance, She will live a different kind of wonderful. Those women who are diligent in maintenance look like 40-year-old women are as beautiful as 20-year-old women, this is the benefit of maintenance, want to be like a star With a permanent face, you can learn to maintain in daily life, and the small details of maintenance can make you radiant.

  1. Maintain oral health

Don’t think that it doesn’t matter. Oral health can guarantee your health. Also pay attention to the choice of toothbrush. If your teeth are sensitive, you can choose a toothbrush with a softer brush. If your teeth are hard and firm, And the teeth that are easy to turn yellow are suitable for picking toothbrushes with harder bristles, and develop the habit of brushing your teeth at night. Do not eat food after brushing your teeth. Female friends can go to the hospital regularly to wash their teeth, so that bacteria can be resisted outside the mouth, avoiding Atrophy of the gums.

2, clearing the intestines

Women’s intestines are unhealthy. Frequent constipation is a major cause of aging. To discharge stools and body toxins, it is necessary to develop good bowel habits, maintain normal bowel movements once a day, and eat more unobstructed foods such as bananas, sweet potatoes, and celery. Eat less junk food and drink regularly.

3, do a good job in skin care

Skin care is an indispensable job for female friends. If you don’t want to look old, you should take good care of it. Dry skin should pay attention to moisturizing and hydrating. It is also suitable for many young women. Oily skin should be oil-controlled and sensitive. Sexual skin should pay attention to the selection of skin care products, and you can choose purely plant-based.

4, do more aerobic exercise

More exercise for women can accelerate the decomposition of body fat, increase the contraction of the heart, accelerate the blood flow, and excrete the metabolites in the body, which can enhance the body resistance and delay the aging. The women are suitable for walking, jogging, cycling, swimming. , aerobics, ball games, etc.

5, pay attention to diet

If you want to be beautiful and nourish, your skin can’t be ignored. You can eat alkaline foods such as vegetables, fruits, soy products and seafood. These substances can improve the acidity and reduce the damage of lactic acid and urea to the skin. Vitamins and minerals prevent the oxidation of subcutaneous fat, enhance the vitality of epidermal and dermal cells, and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Women need to be healthy and beautiful. They don’t want to let youth go so fast, so do it and keep the body young.

Good mood is the premise of health and beauty

First of all, the basic work to ensure that your five internal organs are balanced, your metabolism is normal, and you are in a good mood, you will not be inexplicably fat.

The most poisonous but heart-toxic. If you haven’t been overeating recently, and your stomach suddenly becomes soft in a short time, then you must be under great pressure during this time. You should adjust your stress, and take your own massage. Not to make yourself much busy.

When people are angry, the current “squeaky” voice can mobilize the blood and quickly stabilize your mood. In the day of anger, massage your feet too rushing, it hurts very painful, hurts when you shed tears, drains the toxins, and then you have to forget this for yourself.

Sometimes the lower abdomen is prominent because the internal organs are slack. In addition to paying attention to diet and preventing constipation, it is necessary to develop a habit of abdominal breathing. The practice is to bulge the belly when the nose inhales, to dent the mouth when the mouth exhales, and concentrate on the belly. Imagine that it is filling the air, squeezing, filling, and squeezing… for the activation of the internal organs, strengthen the intestinal tract Creeping can have a very significant effect.

Keeping warm is more important than anything else

To ensure normal metabolism, you must also ensure that the lower abdomen is warm. The woman’s three inches under the umbilicus is the lifeblood. The most taboo is the cold. The cold will lead to a series of problems, such as a set of fake acne, obesity and so on. Women pursue a word “warm” throughout their lives. If you feel cold, your body will become more swollen to conserve heat. Therefore, you must wear warm clothes and eat warm.

A girl who cares a little bit about herself will not touch the ice. Science has proven that hot water quenches thirst more than cold water, and the hotter you are, the bottle of cold water to drink, it also causes a burden on the heart and blood vessels.

If the skin is short of water, it will produce oil. This is a self-protection measure. The body is the same, cold, it will secrete a thick layer of skin to protect the internal organs. Therefore, inside and outside, you can’t get cold. In the summer, in the air-conditioned room, don’t forget to bring a coat for yourself. The hair should be dry before you can sleep. After the rain, you need a hot bath. If you have the habit of swimming, don’t forget to scrape the cup when the summer is over. chill.

It is not impossible to wear short skirt shorts in winter, as long as you want to wear it. Look for a thin and warm leggings, put on the legs can be thinner than usual, and then wear wool pants, bamboo charcoal warm stockings, you can be warm also in the winter.

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